Why Study the Medieval Language and Arts? – Professor Rita Copeland (Friday 3 October 2014)

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At 2pm on Friday 3 October 2014, Professor Rita Copeland of the University of Pennsylvania will deliver the first of a series of seminars for the Centre for Medieval Literature, broadcast live to colleagues in Denmark.The CML seminar series is an ongoing forum for interdisciplinary research based jointly at the Universities of York and Southern Denmark (Odense). They will talk on a range of topics relating to European literature in the medieval period. Other talks in the series will be:-

20th October: Sara Harris (University of Cambridge), ‘Rough and Unvarnished Idioms: Analyzing Merlin’s Prophetic Vernacular in the Twelfth Century’

4th November: Miguel Andrés Toledo (Southern Denmark University), ‘The Bridge to the Otherworld in Zoroastrianism’

18th November: Jane Gilbert (University College London), ‘Translation Zones: Language and Conflict in Langtoft’s Chronicle’

4th December: Henrike Lähnemann (University of Newcastle), ‘From Medingen to Michigan: a Cistercian Scriptorium Goes International’ (followed by a visit to the York Minster library)

Contact: George Younge or Sacramento Roselló-Martinez

Location: York: K/275a, King’s Manor; Odense: CML common room

Admission: All staff and students warmly invited

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