The newest PhD in Medieval Studies …

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Many, many congratulations to Hollie Morgan, who successfully defended her PhD dissertation yesterday in front of her examiners, Dr Nicholas Perkins (St Hugh’s College, Oxford) and Professor Mark Ormrod (University of York).

Hollie’s dissertation is an interdisciplinary study entitled Between the Sheets: Reading Beds and Chambers in Late-Medieval England, supervised by Dr Jeremy Goldberg (History) and Dr Nicola McDonald (English and Related Literatures). It explores the cultural meanings of beds and chambers in late medieval England, and how late medieval people’s understanding of that everyday space affected how they understood larger concepts such as sex, communication, God, gender roles and politics.

Hollie is a teaching associate at the University of Nottingham and a part-time tutor at the University of York. Her teaching currently focuses on late medieval literature and classical texts in translation. She has previously taught courses on historiography and the history of the book. Hollie is also passionate about extending research to a wider, public audience, and is involved with the teaching of young children as well as some projects within the heritage sector.

Hollie is also a Humanities Research Centre Doctoral Fellow of the University of York.

For more information about her work, see her page.


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