Medieval Bake-Off! (Thursday 4 December)






Ready, Steady… Medieval Bake-Off! (Thursday 4 December 4.00-6.00pm, King’s Manor Refectory)


This is your chance to share your baking skills, with the chance to win a prize! You can bake a cake, biscuits, pie or pastry, or simply come to sample what is on offer. There will be music to entertain you and drinks to quench your thirst.  There will also be a display of PhD posters and MA in Medieval Studies Core Course posters, with prizes given.

If you plan to bake, please let know what you plan to bring.

(There are some food allergies/intolerances, so can we also ask that all bakers bring a card to the bake-off that lists the name of the recipe and all ingredients).


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