Interdisciplinarity (Wednesday 26 November)





Interdisciplinarity (K/111, 4-6pm, Wednesday 26 November)

Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, Autumn 2013

The Centre for Medieval Studies, in conjunction with the Undergraduate Literature Society, presents a workshop exploring the value of interdisciplinarity for the study of the middle ages.

The University of York offers postgraduate students the rare opportunity to approach the medieval past not just through the lens of a single discipline (Archaeology, English, History or History of Art), but also through interdisciplinary MAs and PhDs in Medieval Studies. But what advantages are offered by interdisciplinary approaches to the past?

Our four speakers – Dr Henry Bainton (English), Dr. Vicki Blud (English), Dr Lucy Sackville (History and Dr Sethina Watson (History) – will reflect on the importance of interdisciplinarity and of the conversations that take place within the Centre for Medieval Studies between scholars from different departments and disciplines.

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