The Lords of Misrule Present: The Cornish Ordinalia (27-29 November)



The Lords of Misrule Present “The Cornish Ordinalia: the Beginning of the World”, with live music from Cantio Conventus (St Mary Bishophill Junior School, 7pm, 27-29 November)

‘As I am three persons I one God, I make you, man of clay, after my own image. Into your body I breathe spirit in order that you may have life; and when you lose that life, to earth you shall return.’

From the Lords of Misrule comes this fascinating interpretation of the first book of the Cornish Ordinalia. Written in Cornish sometime in the fourteenth century, this body of religious drama represents around one fifth of the total surviving mystery plays from the British Isles. Brought to you in English, this play promises to mystify and entertain as you are taken through several of the most famous Old Testament stories and listen to live music from the Lords Medieval Trio: ‘Cantio Conventus’!

So come along to St. Mary Bishophill Junior and breathe a little spirit into your November evening!

Time: 7.00pm on 27th, 28th and 29th November

Tickets on door or pre-book by email at:


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