Interdisciplinarity (Wednesday 26 November)

 Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, Autumn 2013

The Centre for Medieval Studies and the Literature Society present

Interdisciplinarity (4-6pm, K/159, Wednesday 26 November)

A series of 10 minute papers (followed by Q+As) looking at case-studies of interdisciplinary research, drawn either from teaching on the MA in Medieval Studies or from the work of staff teaching in the CMS

4.00pm Welcome and introductions

4.10pm Lucy Sackville (History), ‘How to Spot a Heretic’

4.30pm Henry Bainton (English), ‘Literary Texts and Documentary Practices’

4.50pm Sethina Watson (History), ‘Kingship, Rule and Mythmaking: Of Cows and Kings’

5.10pm Kate Giles (Archaeology), ‘The Golden Legend and Saints in Wall Paintings’

5.30pm Vicki Blud (English) and Laura Crombie (History), ‘The Judith Caper’

5.50- Wine and mince pies in the Headmaster’s House (KG/84) 6.30pm



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