The Vikings in York

The Viking Festival returns to York from 14 to 21 February, with public events all around the city. Some highlights include:

  • Viking Yorkshire with Matthew Townend (Tuesday 17 Feb @ 2pm)
  • the return to York of Søren SindbækDiscovering Borgring: A Viking Fortress Reveals its Secrets with Søren Sindbæk and Nanna Holm (Thursday 19 Feb @ 18:30pm)

See the online programme for full details and to book.


In addition, the History Channel has commissioned a series of ‘webisodes’ that cover the history, literature, and archaeology behind the popular television drama series ‘Vikings’. University of York staff and alumni feature heavily, with appearances from Steve Ashby (York), Soren Sindbaek (now Aarhus), and Neil Price (now Uppsala). Steve’s episode, on Ribe and the start of the Viking Age, is available on-line, and you can access all the other videos from the same location.

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