The Lords of Misrule – Drunks and Dragons (5-7 March)

From The Lords of Misrule come four tales in one evening, straight from the
mouths of the greatest story-tellers of them all—bored blokes in a pub!
Discover the great red and white dragons which tormented the Anglo-Saxon
settlement of England; the devil-dragon whose wiles sought to undo the
strong-willed St Margaret; the cursed princess of Northumbria, trapped in
the body of a villainous wyrm; and the great tormenter of innocents, which
met its match in St George.

This original production, written by PhD candidates working at the
University of York, retells, in funny and fast-paced drama, four of the best
stories about dragons from the Middle Ages. Take a pew as you watch the
brash Maulheld & his long-suffering drinking partner Simpel argue out who
has the best dragon story in the pub.

Thursday March 5, Friday March 6 and Saturday March 7 at Holy Trinity,
Micklegate, 7pm.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 13.58.32

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