Place and Space in the Medieval World (29-31 May)

Place and Space in the Medieval World is a three day interdisciplinary conference to be held at the University of York, King’s Manor 29-31 May.

The consideration of space and place has become ever more central to the study of the Medieval in the last three decades. Ideas of ‘Space’ and ‘Place’, together with associated ideas such as the ‘local’, the ‘sacred’ and practices of ‘rituals’, are ideas and terms that have been frequently applied to medieval material, and, moreover, form the basis for scholarly approaches to it. This conference crosses disciplinary and theoretical boundaries to examine the words, metaphors, images, signs, poetry, and structures with which medieval society used these ideas to conceptualise, recognise and understand their world. Further, it asks how, as modern scholars, these terms may help us understand the medieval world from our twenty-first century perspectives.

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This event will be free to York students but pre-registration is essential. The deadline for registration is the 18th of May 2015.

Full programme details can be found at the conference website, and any inquiries should be addressed to Meg Boulton and Heidi Stoner at

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