Centre for Medieval Studies Visiting Fellowships

The Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York offers international scholars the opportunity to join our community as non‐stipendiary Visiting Fellows.

The Centre for Medieval Studies is located in the King’s Manor at the heart of the medieval city of York, close to the Minster and its library, as well as to the wider archival resources of the university of York. Visiting Fellows are provided with office space, computer facilities and access to university libraries, and also have the opportunity to contribute to the research community at the Centre for Medieval Studies. Fellowships may run for one to twelve months.

Potential visiting scholars are asked to apply at least six months ahead of the date that they would wish to come to York. The Centre has two annual deadlines for applications, 1 September and 1 March. Applications should be addressed to the Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies at cms-office@york.ac.uk. Please include the following:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • An anticipated start date and the requested duration of Fellowship
  • A short summary of the research to be carried out during the term of the Fellowship


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