CMS Research Associates: Dr Kate Thomas

I have been involved with the Centre for Medieval Studies since I arrived in York in 2005 to take the MA in Medieval English Literatures, after which I returned in 2007 to begin a PhD on private prayer in late Anglo-Saxon England.  Although I was a member of the Department of English and Related Literatures during my periods of study, the CMS gave me the opportunity to meet, socialise and collaborate with other medievalists across different disciplines, both those from York and visiting speakers from other universities.


Since completing my PhD, I have joined the Centre for Medieval Studies as a Research Associate, enabling me to continue my research whilst planning the next steps in my career.  So far, I have used this position as an opportunity to speak at conferences, and to publish a short article and some book reviews.

My present work is a book based on my doctoral thesis, titled Before the Books of Hours: Anglo-Saxon Prayer Programmes in Practice, which has been accepted for publication by ARC Medieval Press (Western Michigan University Medieval Institute Publications).

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