York Medieval Press Editorial Assistant 2015-16

York Medieval Press (YMP) Editorial Assistant

Applications are invited for an internship as an Editorial Assistant for the York Medieval Press. YMP is an imprint of Boydell and Brewer Ltd, published in association with the University of York Centre for Medieval Studies. The aim of YMP is to promote innovative scholarship and fresh criticism on medieval culture. It has a special commitment to interdisciplinary study, in line with the Centre’s belief that the future of medieval studies lies in areas in which its major disciplines at once inform and challenge each other.

The successful candidate will work with the General Editor of YMP, Professor Pete Biller, and the other members of the editorial board that manages this highly successful series published by Boydell and Brewer. This position offers the opportunity develop important professional skills and work experience in publishing.

This opportunity is open to any York PhD student from the Centre for Medieval Studies or any student writing a medieval PhD in the departments of Archaeology, English and Related Literature, History or History of Art. The position will be paid at the hourly rate of £15, with an anticipated workload of up to ten hours per month. The position will initially run for a period of 12 months, though can be renewed at the discretion of the General Editor and the Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies.

Applications must be received by the Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies, Craig Taylor (craig.taylor@york.ac.uk), by 1 November 2015, and should include

  1. a curriculum vitae
  2. a supervisor’s letter confirming their support for the application
  3. a brief statement of the candidate’s reasons for applying for this internship

rees jones & watson

Job description

(1) Managing the books in progress

The Editorial Assistant will create and maintain records of proposals for publications and of books in progress in a shared Google folder. They will

  • Create a new file for any new proposal for a book
  • Record email correspondence regarding individual books projects within their files
  • Maintain a list of ‘books in progress’, with a schedule of actions and their due dates
  • Issue reminders to authors and to readers
  • Liaise with the CMS office to ask for the payment of a reader or to despatch books

(2) Managing the physical copies of books

The Editorial Assistant will compile an inventory of the books owned by YMP, check to see what gaps there are in the holdings of the libraries in York, and liaise with the CMS office to unpack boxes of newly published books, and to distribute copies to libraries in York and to readers.

(3) YMP Board

The Editorial Assistant will liaise with the members of the YMP Board and the CMS office to organize the bi-annual meetings of the YMP Board. This will involve confirming the time and location for each meeting, distributing the agenda, and after the event distributing the minutes that are drawn up by the Secretary.

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