Disciplines in Dialogue (25 November 2015)

Disciplines in Dialogue
Centre for Medieval Studies & the Literature Society  (Huntingdon Room, King’s Manor, 5-30-7pm, 25 November 2015)

The CMS and the Literature Society are pleased to present our second annual workshop that gives students the chance to meet members of the CMS and to explore the interdisciplinary study currently taking place at the University of York.

This event will feature five short talks by staff and PhD students at the CMS, discussing their current research projects, ranging from Canterbury Cathedral to the Vikings:

  • George Younge, ‘Anglo-Saxon Sources of the Gothic Windows at Canterbury”
  • Harriet Jean Evans, ‘Laws and Daily life in Medieval Iceland’
  • Emanuele Lugli, ‘Murder by Fashion: Medieval Tailoring and the Politics of War in Trecento Italy’
  • Carla Jardim, ‘How to Make a Medievalist in 3 Easy Steps’
  • Craig Taylor, ‘A Book Fit for a Queen: Margaret of Anjou and the Shrewsbury Book’

And after the workshop, we will have a wine reception in the Headmaster’s House, the home of the Centre for Medieval Studies.

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