Return to the Manor

From Monday 3 August some staff and research students will be returning to our city centre campus at King’s Manor.

This is especially welcome for those who cannot efficiently or easily work from home, as it allows them a peaceful work-space – probably a lot more peaceful than usual, given the restrictions on numbers permitted in the buildings.

The Headmaster’s House in simpler times.

Hand sanitiser stations and allocated entrances/exits are just a few of the new features of what is known as the “Headmaster’s House”, in which the Centre for Medieval Studies resides.

The new “kitchen” in the PhD workroom. Desks have been reallocated to accommodate the social-distancing requirements.

It is hoped that these highly-regulated returns will pave the way for increasing use of the campus in the lead up to the beginning of term; although it is likely that strong social-distancing measures, including face-coverings and reduced capacity will continue throughout the autumn.

Nonetheless, it is excellent to see some life returning to the buildings, and we look forward to seeing our colleagues again, albeit from an appropriate distance! We miss you all.

The Centre is nothing without the people who work within these walls.

This blog is the first in a series of notes and observations that we will be posting as researchers return to King’s Manor.

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