HRC Doctoral Fellowships

The HRC held its annual Doctoral Fellowships competition today, with CMS PhD Luke Giraudet being awarded third place. Each year the HRC offers a number of Doctoral Fellowships to arts and humanities PhD students currently in their third full-time year of study (or equivalent part-time) at the University of York. Each arts and humanities department … Continue reading HRC Doctoral Fellowships

New Book from York Medieval Press

York Medieval Press's latest publication is close to our hearts here at the Centre for Medieval Studies: Craig Taylor's A Virtuous Knight: Defending Marshal Boucicaut (Jean II Le Meingre, 1366-1421). Craig was our Director here from 2010-2011 and from 2014-2017, and is currently a Reader in Medieval History at the University - still very much an … Continue reading New Book from York Medieval Press

Unsound History of the Sound of Space

The Renaissance Mathematicus

Those readers, who have been around for a number of years, will know that from time to time the Renaissance Mathematicus has hosted guest posts. One thing that we are very proud of is the very high standard of the authors, who have delivered up, at our invitation, those literary #histSTM highpoints. We only host the best! Todays guest post continues this tradition with a real star of the world of science, science writing and #histSTM, Tom McLeish FRS. Tom was Professor of Physics at Durham University, where he was one of the initiators and chief investigators of the on going Ordered Universe international research project: InterdisciplinaryReadings of Medieval Science: Robert Grosseteste (c.1170–1253).

800px-Grosseteste_bishop !4th Century portrait of Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tom is now Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Department of Physics at the University of York (I think he’s doing a slow…

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New publication from Professor Tom McLeish

  The Poetry and Music of Science. Comparing Creativity in Science and Art, by Prof. Tom McLeish (CMS, Physics) was published by published by Oxford University Press last month. You can read all about The Poetry and Music of Science, and Prof. McLeish’s 2016 book Faith and Wisdom in Science on the OUP website. We … Continue reading New publication from Professor Tom McLeish

Scribal Cultures in Late Medieval England: A Conference in honour of Linne R. Mooney

On Thursday 23 May, the CMS welcomes a gathering of leading scholars to honour Linne Mooney's contribution to the study of medieval English manuscripts. The one-day symposium will take place in our fabulous Huntingdon Room (once the meeting room of the Council of the North), and include keynotes from Professors Derek Pearsall and Simon Horobin, as … Continue reading Scribal Cultures in Late Medieval England: A Conference in honour of Linne R. Mooney